David Medeiros has over 40 years of experience in the dance industry, competing both professionally and with his many students throughout the country. David was the 1996 Ohio Star Ball 9 Dance Champion, excelling in both the Smooth and Rhythm divisions simultaneously. He has owned and managed several studios and is currently the President of the Global DanceSport Series which recognizes the importance of Pro-Am competitors and the contribution they make to so many wonderful dance competitions around the U.S. We are very excited about our partnership with David and the Global Dancesport Series and look forward to the many new and exciting things Ballroom Beats has in store for the Dance Community!
Rachel Champion was one of the first subscribers to Ballroom Beats.  As a professional competitor, pro-am teacher, and studio owner, she understands the importance of music that is easily accessible and the need for correct tempos so you can spend less time at the dj booth and more time on the dance floor.  Ballroom dancing has always been a passion for Rachel, but her dancing started with country dancing.  She is a UCWDC World Champion and a 2 time World Champion Top Teacher.  When presented with the opportunity to join Ballroom Beats she jumped at the chance and naturally realized the need for other styles of music to be curated in Ballroom Beats.  Obviously, Country Beats was her first project.  What's next? Stay tuned.  Ballroom Beats 2.0 it's only going to get better.

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